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Flexpert Air Hose
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Grandeur Rubber Multi-Purpose Air Hose
Yohkonflex Hybrid Air Hose
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CS Industries (CSI) is the manufacture of the Invincible brand name hose. Since 2004 the company has been perfecting hose to meet the needs of our customers applications. CSI continually supports our customers increasingly more stringent application requirements by developing solutions through combinations of materials. Today CSI offers the following materials to serve our customers: Rubber, Nitrile butadiene rubber-NBR, Styrene Butadiene Rubber-SBR, Polyvinyl chloride-PVC, Polyurethane-PU.

CS Industries, Inc, former as SWC Business Intl. Inc., located in Los Angeles, was established in 1993, Our Manufacturing Base lies in Chongqing每 the largest manufacturing centre in Western China. With high-level capabilities of stamping, forging, machining and casting, we specialized in R&D, Processing, Manufacturing and trading varieties of Auto Parts, Mechanical Parts and Construction Fastening Systems.
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